Community inclusion

Interchange is the most experienced Community Inclusion specialist provider in WA and we are proud to have been providing customised, person-centred support for more than 25 years.

The ways in which a Community Facilitator might support a customer are as varied as our customers themselves. It’s all about sourcing the right activities to support our customers to achieve their individual goals.

Our reputation has been built on providing customised support that includes community-based skills development activities in these areas:

Volunteering & work experience Education (including ASDAN)
Social independence Transport & mobility
Citizenship Sport & Recreation
Culture Healthy living
Inclusion Support Programme Perth

Some activities involve supporting our customers at regular community classes, some are one-off events, and some are activities specifically designed for small groups of like-minded individuals.

For most customers who come to us as school leavers, our Seamless Transition A program ensures that the process of personalising support begins before they leave school.



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