At Interchange, we specialise in individualised Community inclusion, Customised employment and Independent living support for West Australians with disability. We also offer Shared Management for customers who prefer to manage their own funding.

Located in Myaree, Maddington, Midland, Osborne Park, Spearwood, Rockingham and Mandurah, our Service Centres offer a door to door pick up and drop off service, which means we can provide support anywhere within the Perth metro area.

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We tailor our services to the needs of the people we support. This includes options for service during the day, in the evening, on weekends and on public holidays.

And we understand that peoples aspirations and plans can change, so our service and support is able to adapt to our customers changing needs over time.

We also understand that everyone is different, which is why our programs aren’t picked from a set menu of activities they’re individually designed to meet the aspirations of each customer and their family.

And, true to our vision, we’re dedicated to creating shared experiences with people in the general community, not in facilities hidden away from the world.

This is how we build relationships, trust and acceptance, and help our customers become integral members of society.

For most customers who come to us as school leavers, our Seamless Transition program ensures that the process of personalising support begins before they leave school.

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