Major Party Vows to Protect NDIS

17 May 2019 in NDIS & WA NDIS, Opinion

With the Federal election on this Saturday, we thought it might be a good time to share what both of the major Parties have been saying regarding the NDIS.



Bill Shorten has been making a number of promises to improve the NDIS, including:

  • Building a culture that puts people with disability first;
  • Establishing an NDIS Future Fund;
  • Sourcing highly-trained staff;
  • Improved planning, more choice and easier reviews;
  • Ensuring equitable access to the NDIS;
  • Fixing the ‘gaps’ between the NDIS and mainstream services;
  • Valuing a skilled disability workforce;
  • Keeping people with disability safe and boosting advocacy;
  • Creating a stronger disability services sector;
  • Improving research and evaluation



Scott Morrison’s promises for the NDIS include:

  • Ensuring it is fully funded by rolling out a new NDIS Participant Planning Pathways;
  • Ensuring people with disability have a single point of contact with the NDIS;
  • Allowing people with disability to be on a longer NDIS plan of up to 3 years if their disability is stable;
  • Expanding the NDIS Community Connectors Program to support and assist remote communities;
  • Introducing a new NDIS Participant Service Guarantee;
  • Commitment of $45 million to develop a national disability information gateway;
  • Provide $2 million to support people with autism to find and keep a job.


Before voting this Saturday, make sure that you’ve done your homework.


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