At Interchange, we think we do a great job of providing personalised, flexible support for West Australians with disability. But don’t take our word for it! To see what other people say about us, read on.

Michael Green
Father of Interchange customer, Dylan

Interchange began working with my son Dylan in 2014 on a seamless transition out-of-school program – the aim was to focus on work experience and independent inclusion within his community. This was a great success and resulted in Dylan gaining valued real-life experience at Coles and Red Dot, and a greater sense of himself as an individual in the larger community, as with his participation in volunteer work at K9 dog rescue.

Early this year (2016) it became apparent that Dylan had outgrown the needs and expectations of 2015 – his plans needed to be abandoned, vistas re-examined, new directions identified and new plans rolled out.

I have to admit at this point my faith in the ability of service providers, departments, and organisations I have dealt with on behalf of my son within the disability sector had left me reasonably cynical and not without a fair degree of trepidation at the ability of the disability sector to do their job!

That was when the unexpected happened, the new Manager of the Interchange Mandurah Service Centre, Nancy Hartnett remained a positive, committed, receptive and flexible co-partner to the dreams and aspirations of my son. I hope Interchange realises the asset Nancy is, not just to Interchange as a service provider, but to the cause of people with intellectual disability in our community.

Social Role Valorisation speaks to us of the need to build bridges between the widely perceived outcomes and lived realities of people with intellectual disability. There is never a lack of experts waxing lyrical on all kinds of ways to change the world…Nancy just gets on with it. And in the world of people with intellectual disability and of a certain 19 year-old with horrible taste in music, no respect for his Dad’s need for peace and serenity, and Down Syndrome, that’s something.


Toni Boyd
Mother of Interchange customer, TeganCustomer Tegan having a ball at tenpin bowling

I’m a mum with a 26 year-old daughter who has Autism / Developmental Delay. We have been using the services provided by Interchange for more than six years.

Through this service, our daughter is involved in her community and this increases not only her general awareness, but also her life skills and social skills.

Our daughter’s program is based on her individual needs, so that it covers not only her personal needs but also challenges her and sets achievable goals which can be reviewed and changed at any time.

This is followed through with support from well-trained, enthusiastic and caring staff.

In attending this service regularly her chatter and smile is priceless. As I read this out aloud to her she smiled and said “The possibilities are endless”!


Tatum Rosato
Owner, Dance Inclusion

Joel and Keiko at Dance Inclusion

Interchange has been involved in Dance Inclusion from the beginning and their support has helped Dance Inclusion grow.

I have always found Interchange staff to be positive and helpful. They engage with their clients and support them to participate in the Dance Inclusion classes.

Judging by the smiles on their faces, I believe the Interchange staff get as much out of the class as the clients do!

The support from the Interchange staff plays a big part in their clients progress – they are wonderfully devoted professionals.


Good Samaritan Industries
Stephanie Ransome – Divisional Manager, Community Engagement

Good Samaritan Industries (GSI) has been providing services to people with disability since 1958 through our Good Sammy Stores, Options Community Services and Options Employment.

Interchange customer at work epxerienceWe have recently begun working alongside Interchange to look at more diverse options for customers. This gives customers the opportunity to be able to build volunteering, work experience and employment into their individual plans. This has been an exciting process, with easy clear communication between our organisations.

GSI currently has over 260 supported employees who will often need referrals to external organisations for various services, and referring to Interchange has been seamless.

Their vision of a world where all people are fully included in every aspect of community lifeĀ and values of growth, respect, integrity and trust align with our own, which is an important factor in building relationships.

GSI and Interchange are continually working together to look at innovative ways of creating opportunities for people with disability to be fully engaged via economic and social participation along with full community inclusion.

Interchange is a rapidly growing organisation that has people with disability and community inclusion at its very heart. This coupled with being a DSC preferred provider stands them apart from other organisations.




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