Singing up a storm

30 October 2014 in Customers in the community, Stories

Out and about with the Starlight Hotel Choir

Myaree customers Deb and Lily have been a part of the Starlight Hotel Choir for some time now, participating in the Monday morning group sessions and performing live at local events.

The Starlight Hotel Choir was developed for patrons of St Patrick’s in Fremantle, but is open to all members of the community.

The girls have also recently joined the Tuesday morning sessions at the Centre, and they’re now participating in recording sessions with the Choir’s organisers. They’ve experienced a real production studio, helped to record and edit tracks and also promoted the Choir’s music.

Both girls agree that their goal in attending the sessions is mainly to increase their confidence and social networks, as set out in their individual plans.

One day, they would love to be able to write and record a song of their own.

Kirstin Campbell
Community Facilitator
Myaree Service Centre


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