Sam adds a slithering snake to her sculpture collection

13 February 2017 in Interchangers' stories, Stories

Samantha standing outside under a patio, with her finished python scupltureSculptor, reptile fan and Interchange Myaree customer, Samantha Muller, has added a new slithering sculpture to her collection. This green tree python is the latest in a long line of awesome animal paper mache sculptures that Sam has created with the support of Community Facilitator, Andrew.

After creating a fish the last time around, Sam decided that this time she wanted to create a snake. Research is very important to Sam. She took her time to carefully scour the internet, investigating different types of snakes until she found one that ticked all the boxes. As one of the prettiest snakes around, it’s no surprise she settled on the green tree python.

Sam with her green tree python sculpureFrom there, Sam worked fastidiously to create a perfect replica of the python. With Andrew’s support, she spent a few weeks developing the snake’s body, applying layer after layer of paper mache until it was just right.

After that came the colour, each coat of paint applied with meticulous care. Then the scales, eyes, tongue and mouth to make the work of art complete. Sam took the finished piece home and during the first night, scared her poor Mum who stumbled across it in the middle of the night. Sam and Andrew took that as a compliment on a job well done!



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