25 year customer stories – Liz Carson

1 November 2016 in Interchangers' stories, Stories

Liz Carson never forgets a family birthday. She has an uncanny ability to remember the birthdays of every family member and makes sure she helps them celebrate their special day each year. But that’s just the type of woman Liz is – warm, engaging and lots of fun to be around.

Liz herself is turning 42 this month. Together with her school mates Rita and Claudia, she was one of the first school leaver customers who began receiving support from us in 1991 and all are still being supported by us 25 years on.

When Liz first joined us as a 17 year-old, she was keen to improve her health and fitness, so we supported her to attend regular swimming classes. We also assisted Liz to join a club where she learned to ride a horse.

Liz learning to ride a horse as a 17 year-old

Liz learning to ride a horse as a 17 year-old

Liz in 2016

Liz in 2016

In her twenties, Liz decided that she wanted to find some volunteer work. So, with the support of Community Facilitator, Carole Baker, she secured a role at Wall to Wall Carpets in South Perth. Liz is still a valued member of the team there 12 years on, catching the bus there and back again each week without fail. She also volunteers regularly at the City of Cockburn.

Liz’s other top priority was to live more independently, out of the family home. We supported Liz to work regularly on her independent living skills including cooking and general house maintenance. Liz moved out of her family home in October 2015 and is now in her own unit. She is doing amazingly well and relishes her independence.

There are a lot of things Liz likes about living in her own unit, though playing loud music and dancing are at the top of the list. Cooking comes a close second. Liz cooks all of her own meals and says pasta with chicken and veggies is her favourite. She also cooks all of her own bread using a bread machine.

Liz at a recent Mental as Anything concert

Liz at a recent Mental as Anything concert

Liz’s passion for music also extends well beyond dancing in her kitchen. She is a mad John Farnham fan and we support Liz to attend rock concerts whenever the opportunity arises. She is currently talking about Bruce Springsteen, who is coming to Perth soon.

Liz also enjoys dinners with her sister’s family, catching the bus to their home on a regular basis. She is also planning a month-long family trip to Malaysia at the end of the year to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, so she’s a busy lady!


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