Customised employment exploration & transition

At Interchange, we understand that it can sometimes be challenging for people with disability to find employment in the open market, and Disability Employment Services and Australian Disability Enterprises don’t always provide an appropriate option.

We also know that many people who want to work are missing out because they don’t necessarily tick all of the boxes required to fulfil a traditional job role.

That’s why we offer customised employment exploration and transition services, which are designed to support people to discover their own unique skills and talents, and harness those talents to identify and create a job role or small business that is tailored specifically to them.

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How does customised employment transition work?

Interchange customer, Dylan, working at a horse stableRather than competing on the open labour market, customised employment exploration uses strategies that support people to create their own opportunities and carve out a job role or business opportunity that is tailored to their unique skillset and support needs. It seeks to negotiate a match between what the individual has to offer and what the employer or market needs, and provides the support that is necessary for the individual to be successful in their role.

It relies on a collaborative approach between people with disability, their families, supporters and providers, and employers.

What does the process look like?

The first step in customised employment exploration is a process of discovery. This involves an Interchange Community Facilitator spending time with an individual in their home and local community environment to gain an understanding of a person’s skills, talents, interests, networks and associated opportunities, through observation and shared activities.

This initial part of the process is designed to identify vocational themes that are suited to the person’s unique skills, talents and interests, so that a list of appropriate employers or potential business ideas can be established. For some people, this process may take two months; for others, it may take six or twelve. The idea is that the pace is tailored to the needs of the individuals we support.


From this point, we provide tailored support to:

  • develop an employment plan and portfolio (sometimes called a visual resume) that can be used for job and/or business development;
  • approach employers or experts who provide an appropriate match for the agreed vocational themes and gather information about the sector and relevant skills required;
  • develop a list of workplace partners: those that see the opportunity for a specific business need to be met using the skills and talents of the individual, and;
  • create opportunities for employment or self-employment, as well as one-to-one support to transition into the workplace itself.

Why does it work?

The key to successful customised employment exploration and transition support is customisation; the idea is that the pace and level of support is completely tailored to the needs of the individuals we support.

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