Seamless Transition

With more than 25 years’ experience as a specialist provider of community inclusion support for school leavers with disability, we understand that leaving school can be a daunting prospect.

That’s why we’ve developed a complimentary Seamless Transition program – to help make the transition from school to adult life less intimidating.

Talk to us today about how we can tailor a seamless transition program to you or a school leaver you support.

If you are an educator and you’re interested in an information session for students and families, or you would like to discuss how Interchange can tailor a program to your students needs, please complete this form and we will be in touch.

How does it work?

Interchange has collaborated with schools and families over many years to develop a customised program that helps students imagine what life after school might look like.

Firstly, our Community Facilitators (Support Workers) will spend time getting to know students in their school environment.

Students are then invited to participate in activities that align with their post-school goals, with the support of the Community Facilitator. These activities are tailored to each students individual support needs and abilities.

School Leaver Employment Supports Perth

If the student decides they would like to be supported by Interchange after they leave school, we continue to meet with teachers, parents and the student to develop an individualised program that builds on the specific behavioural and communication programs set up by their teachers, as well as the plans developed by Local Coordinators at the Disability Services Commission.

This process gives students, families and teachers peace of mind, with the knowledge that they will be supported by a fully customised program that is tailored to their goals and aspirations when they leave school.

By building trust and confidence, we make the transition from school less intimidating and lay the foundations for a fulfilling, engaged adult life.

Please contact us at any time if you would like to learn more.

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