Interchange: A Proud Child-Safe Organisation.

20 November 2018 in Social justice

For most of Interchange’s history, we have predominantly been a provider of support to adults with disability. Our mission is simple, by taking a person-centred approach we help people to live a good life. Whilst this hasn’t changed, who we are able to support, has. As one of the more prominent Disability Support Services in WA, we are firmly committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of everyone we support.


Interchange-a-proud-child-safe-organisationRecent changes in the disability sector have enabled Interchange to offer our experience to support children with disability, and their families. We’ve been steadily increasing this support and as such we recognise this brings increased responsibility.

We all share the responsibility when it comes to protecting children in our families and in our communities, which is why we are taking the steps to be a child-safe organisation. Our person-centred approach is at the heart of what we do, and so to enhance our ability to do this we have implemented a Child-Safe Policy and Child-Safe Code of Conduct.

These documents work in tandem to set the standard of behaviour for working with children and are a first and fundamental step in the prevention and detection of child abuse and/or neglect.

Interchange team member, Ryan Burge, says he is pleased to be Interchange’s first Child Safety Advocate and excited to see the policy and conduct documents implemented.

“As the, part of the Management Risk Committee, chair of the OSH Committee and someone who has been in the sector for over 10 years, I am keenly aware of the risks associated with providing support to people with disability.”

Ryan says he is committed to working with the leadership group and their support workers to create the awareness around child safety to ensure it is always a priority.

“By working with families, allied health, therapy providers and other organisations, I look forward to continuing to build safe communities that value, respect and empower people with disability, no matter their age.”

Recognising the responsibility that this role brings, Ryan understands that supporting someone with a disability, regardless of their age, requires the just the right amount of support and safeguarding.

You can view our Child Safe policy and code of conduct on our Policies and Procedures page.


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