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28 August 2019

In April the Morrison government announced a Disability Royal Commission.  $527 million has been allocated over five years, which includes funding specifically to support for people with disability to have their say.  The Commissioners have been announced, but not without some concern regarding perceived conflict of interest. There have been a number of sector and… Read more »

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17 May 2019

With the Federal election on this Saturday, we thought it might be a good time to share what both of the major Parties have been saying regarding the NDIS.   Labor Bill Shorten has been making a number of promises to improve the NDIS, including: Building a culture that puts people with disability first; Establishing… Read more »

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2 April 2019

Disability etiquette is a set of guidelines dealing specifically with how to approach a person with a disability.  It comes down to one simple rule: do not assume. As people with a disability make up a significant proportion of our population, there is a need for everyday Australians to understand how to relate to people… Read more »

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21 March 2019

A broad and comprehensive list of the terms for the Royal Commission into disability has been released by the Australian Government. The Commission will investigate violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability. Social Services Minister Paul Fletcher says the use of broad terms of reference is deliberate to ensure that they account for… Read more »

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14 March 2019

With numerous Disability Organisations, Perth has no excuse for the lack of accessible spaces in shared public spaces. A spotlight was shone on the recent Fringe Festival in Perth where a local disability advocate was left unhappy and dissatisfied after a complete lack of wheelchair access, despite being advertised as wheelchair friendly. Though Fringe World… Read more »

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13 March 2019

Interchange is proud to announce the nomination of several staff members for the annual Disability Support Awards. Nominations are made by members of the public who believe that a staff member from any WA Disability Organisations (Perth Metro or Regional), has gone above and beyond ordinary standards of service. The National Disability Services (NDS), in… Read more »

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18 January 2019

In a partnership between the Department of Communities and the National Disability Service, the WA Disability Support Awards seek to recognise contributions made by individuals and teams who support people with disability to achieve their goals. This is your chance to nominate staff members of any WA disability support providers who have gone above and… Read more »

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6 December 2018

In a drive for more inclusive communities the McGowan government has announced plans to develop a State Disability Plan which will underpin all Government activities and initiatives. This move comes from the National Disability Services WA calling for a State Disability Plan in its Pre-Budget submission presented to the State Government on October 22, 2018…. Read more »

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20 November 2018

For most of Interchange’s history, we have predominantly been a provider of support to adults with disability. Our mission is simple, by taking a person-centred approach we help people to live a good life. Whilst this hasn’t changed, who we are able to support, has. As one of the more prominent Disability Support Services in… Read more »

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