Vision and values

Our vision is for a world where all people are fully included in every aspect of community life.

And, true to our vision, we’re dedicated to creating shared experiences with people in the general community, not in facilities hidden away from the world.

This is how we build relationships, trust and acceptance, along with natural supports in the community, so that our customers can become integral members of society.

Like peas in a pod, we’re all the same at heart. And we belong together.

Close up of person in wheelchair being supported by someone with barefeetUnderpinning this vision are our core values of Growth, Respect, Integrity and Trust.

Growth is the support we provide for the personal growth journey of each and every one of our customers, so that they can develop their talents and abilities, and enhance their quality of life.

Respect in the way that we treat people: all people as individuals, who deserve to be listened to and understood.

Integrity in our words and our actions: it means being accountable and transparent in everything we do.

Trust in our customers and empower them to make their own life decisions.

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