Vision and values

Our Vision and Mission
Welcoming communities that value, respect and empower people with disability

Helping people with disability to live a good life

We believe
Everyone belongs

Our Organisational Values

  • Individuality
    Valuing people, staff, partners and services
  • Respect
    Valuing choice, culture and diversity
  • Empowerment
    Valuing abilities, goals and learning
  • Belonging
    Valuing relationships and shared places

Valuing people, staff, partners and services



Individuality is at the heart of our organisation.

We listen, and actively strive to provide flexible, tailored services to assist people in achieving their personal goals.





Everyone is equal and has the right to lead a good life.

Through open communication, embracing diversity and valuing choice we respect every person all of the time.





People are entitled to choose their own supports, and we bring our experience and understanding when called upon.

We know when to step up and when to stand back, so everyone has a chance to shine.




Like peas in a pod, we are all the same at heart. And we belong together.

Our community is one of acceptance and strength where everyone has a valuable contribution to make. Together we are stronger.

Together we form a community of acceptance and opportunity. Together we are stronger and everyone has a valuable contribution to make.

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