Policies & procedures

At Interchange, we employ a series of Policies and Procedures which govern our approach to Operational Customer Services.

To view our Operational Customer Services Policies and Procedures, please click on the links below.

Policy 2.1 Access to Service

Policy 2.2 Exiting Services

Policy 2.3 Individual Needs

Policy 2.4 Customer Decision Making & Choice

Policy 2.5 Privacy, Dignity & Confidentiality

Policy 2.6 Participation & Inclusion

Policy 2.7 Valued Status

Policy 2.8 Feedback and Complaints

Interchange follows a Customer Feedback and Complaint Resolution process to address all feedback and complaints provided by customers and families. Click on the link to view a copy of the Feedback and Complaints Resolution Process.

Customers who would like to make a formal complaint can download and print the Feedback and Complaints Form.

Policy 2.9 Protecting Customers’ Human Rights

Policy 2.10 Restrictive Practice Policy

Policy 2.11 Positive Behaviour Support Policy

Policy 2.12 Home Visits

Policy 2.13 Use of Interpreters

Policy 2.14 Families & Carers

Policy 2.15 Customer Medication

Policy 2.16 Child Safe

Policy 2.17 Child Safe Code of Conduct

In addition to Operational Customer Services Policies and Procedures, we are also guided by other policies which effect customers and families. You can view these policies by clicking on the links below.

Policy 3.9 Customer File Management

Policy 4.15 Occupational Safety and Health

Policy 4.22 Communications (Internal & External)

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