Welcome to Interchange WA.

We believe that there is a place for everyone in our community, and that no person should be excluded from enjoying a meaningful, rewarding life.

Since 1991, we’ve been providing personalised life experiences for people with disabilities who can’t maintain regular, prolonged employment or study.

These services, helping our customers participate in their local community, are known as social inclusion. People who qualify for them receive funding from the Disability Services Commission to spend with the provider of their choice.

One of the reasons people choose Interchange is that our programs aren’t picked from a set menu of activities – they’re individually designed to meet the aspirations of each client and their family.

Also, we’re dedicated to creating shared experiences with people in the general community, not in facilities hidden away from the world. This is how we build relationships, trust and acceptance, and help our customers become integral members of society.

Like peas in a pod, we’re all the same at heart. And we belong together.